Shaun’s Success Story


What were Shaun’s goals ?
Goal: Weightloss and to gain fitness

Shaun’s decision to take part in Onhealth was mainly to lose weight and gain enough fitness so that he can be an active father and play with his young son, which in the past he found difficult due to his health and fitness levels.


Did Shaun achieve his goals?
Start weight: 177.8kg
End weight: 160.09kg
Total % loss: 9.5%

Shaun’s blood pressure reading has gone from ‘high’ to ‘normal’ and resting heart rate has decreased from 88 beats per minute (BPM) to 66 BPM, an amazing achievement in just 12 weeks! Shaun also explained how he was able to race his young son up the street for the first time which he felt was a real personal achievement and made it all worthwhile.

What did Shaun think of his initial assessment?

Shaun was very impressed with the sports science element of the Initial Assessment (IA) e.g. finding out his cholesterol readings. He thought the IA was thorough and it was able to identify underlying health issues, he otherwise would not have known about.

An example of this is that Shaun’s blood pressure reading was high at the IA. Shaun was then immediately referred to his GP to ensure that he was able to participate in the programme safely and to get advice. Shaun thought this was a great aspect and shows how client care is paramount and at the heart of everything we do at Onhealth.

Following his IA, Shaun said he came away feeling raring to go and that he had good goals with a solid plan in place to try and achieve them.

What did Shaun think of his group exercise sessions? What was good about them?

Shaun found the group exercise sessions enjoyable. He emphasised that he felt everyone was supportive as there was a common goal and that encouraged an atmosphere of healthy competition, which of course is a great motivator.

Another great motivator and feature of the sessions was that the instructing physiotherapist would often encourage participants to lead the exercise sessions, which helped keep everyone interested and on track, as well as constantly learning, evolving skills and knowledge of safe exercise.

Did Shaun struggle at any point throughout the programme? What inspired him to carry on?

Shaun did not feel as if he struggled at any point throughout the programme because his mindset towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle shifted early on in the programme. This meant Shaun didn’t feel as if he was battling against temptation and was able to remain focused throughout.

Did the dietetic drop in sessions help Shaun through the programme?

Yes. Shaun felt this was a great feature of the programme as he was able to amend his diet plan when needed to fit around his diary. For example, it was useful to speak with the dietitian about healthy choices to make when dining out or when he had limited options to choose from.

What was Shaun’s overall opinion on the Onhealth weight management programme? Could he have achieved his goals without the intervention of Onhealth?

Shaun said that Onhealth has given him the kickstart he needed on his weightloss and overall health and fitness journey. He could not have achieved so much in this time without Onhealth. He has massively exceeded his weightloss goals in 12 weeks and intends to keep this up.

Will Shaun carry on with his weightloss journey with the knowledge Onhealth has provided him? Has it changed his life/mindset?

Shaun will carry on with his exercise and diet plans provided by Onhealth and has a goal of reducing his weight down to 18st, which he is already a quarter of the way to achieving in just 12 weeks thanks to Onhealth.

Shaun felt the best thing about Onhealth was that the programme managed to change his mindset and outlook on life very early on, which made the changes he had to make easier. He feels as though he managed to integrate Onhealth with his daily life extremely well, as the programme is sustainable and can be maintained due to everything being reviewed at day 1 and tailored to him and his specific needs.