Don’t like vegetables? Work around it

Researchers in the US have discovered that a loathing of vegetables could be down to your genes.

The BBC is reporting that inheriting two copies of the unpleasant taste gene can spoil the taste of foods like broccoli and sprouts.

Their story states that we all have two copies of a taste gene called TAS2R38, which allows us to taste bitterness. People who have two copies of a variant of the gene, called AVI, are not sensitive to bitter tastes, those with AVI and PAV perceive bitter tastes but not to an extreme degree like individuals with two copies of PAV, who find the same foods exceptionally bitter.

The need to get fruit and vegetables into any diet remains hugely important, with recommendations that five portions of fruit or veg are consumed daily. So how can you get those important portions into your diet with relatively little fuss? The website has some ideas, including our favourite top five from their list:

– Mix eggs with veggies to create a frittata for breakfast.
– Add minced broccoli to scrambled eggs; it doesn’t change the texture of the meal and is one of your five a day.
– Add spinach and mushrooms to your wholegrain spaghetti. This brightens your dish and adds extra flavour.
– Pack a wrap with crunch by substituting the bread for lettuce.

Fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals and help provide a balanced, healthy diet.