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Onhealth has partnered with specialist early cancer screening company Datar Cancer Genetics

Trucheck™ is a blood test that enables the early detection of multiple cancers in

asymptomatic individuals.

We have partnered with Datar Cancer Genetics to offer their Trucheck™ Multi-Cancer Screening tests.

Early detection of cancer is vital for successful treatment and cure. Late detection invariably leads to intensive and toxic treatments, high treatment costs and treatment failure. Trucheck™ is a revolutionary test, based on a simple blood draw, for the early detection of multiple types of cancer.

Why should I consider Cancer Screening?

Every year about 18 million women and men are diagnosed with various cancers including carcinomas, sarcomas, neuroendocrine tumors, and melanomas.

Due to changes in lifestyle as well as other risk factors, these numbers are expected to

increase in the future. Detecting cancer early is vital to saving lives, with studies

showing that early detection of cancer improves survival rates.


Select your chosen test and proceed to payment. Once we have received your payment and you have completed our preliminary stages, your test package will be posted to your selected address.

BOOK appointment

The blood-taking clinician (phlebotomist) will contact you to book your blood test. This will take place at a participating pharmacy in your local area. Please ensure you have your test kit with you for the appointment.

blood test

At your appointment, the phlebotomist will take a sample of blood and send it to the specialist Trucheck™ lab for analysis.


The physician appointed to you by Onhealth will receive your results within 10 working days and arrange a video call with you to take you through the findings.

Tests and Prices

Single Organ

Breast Cancer Test

Checks for Breast Cancer


Single Organ

Prostate Cancer Test

Checks for Prostate Cancer


Single Organ

Colon Cancer Test

Checks for Colon Cancer


Multiple Organ


Checks for over 70 types of Cancer


Blood Test

You will receive your test kit package via the post, which you will need for your blood test appointment.

At this time, appointments will be arranged to take place at a participating pharmacy in your local area. If you would prefer a phlebotomist to arrange a home visit appointment, please contact us directly before purchasing the test to discuss this option.

Your Results

You will receive your results within 10 working days by email, after your blood sample is taken.

Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Trucheck™ when used as an annual test. Therefore, we recommend you take the test on a yearly basis.

If your result is positive you will receive a video consultation with our in-house Doctor, to discuss your next steps.

We will provide guidance and support to ensure you receive everything you need.


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