How can I stick to a diet plan?

In the first of a series of discussions with dietitian Dawn Shotton, the main topic focuses on how to stick to a diet plan. After 20 years as a dietitian, Dawn is hugely knowledgeable on the subject and provides her insight below:


“How to maintain and stick to a good diet plan really depends on how realistic the diet plan is in the first place,” she said. “If it is too restrictive, extreme or difficult to follow and isolates you from eating normal every day foods you enjoy with your family or friends then the chances are you will not be able to stick with it.

“If you don’t think you are likely to be able to continue with it long-term when you start it, the chances are you won’t and you will simply lose weight, only to regain it again.

“Try to eat a well-balanced intake with a small amount from each of the food groups and avoid any extreme eating plans and faddy nonsense that is impossible to keep up.”


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