Back Aches and Pains: Avoid Them During Lockdown

For many, the return to lockdown and working from home will increase the possibility of back aches and pains.

This, predominantly, is because of poorly set-up and equipped remote workstation environments. A lack of suitable seating, desks and screens promotes poor posture and awkward sitting positions that often lead to additional aches and pains.

This is more likely to affect the back, due to its lack of support for an extended period of time. But there are ways you can help avoid these back aches and pains. has created a helpful 10-point list to maintain a healthy back during this latest lockdown period. Here are just a few of their suggestions:


– Exercise helps! Get the muscles in your back moving and avoid the stiffness that is a natural product of a lack of movement.

– Sit up – Avoid slouching or hunching over your workstation and try to keep your shoulders back while walking as opposed to letting them hunch forward.

– Take a break – Every 30 minutes you should seek to stretch or get up from your workstation and move around. By doing this, you avoid extended periods of inactivity.

– Manage stress – Stress is a major cause of back pain so employ some techniques which you know help you to reduce stress levels in your life.


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