Lockdown Begins Working From Home Migration

The nation, and its workforce, face a second stint at home as lockdown begins today (November 5th).

Workers are actively being encouraged to work from home wherever it is practicable and possible. Although companies can put the technical infrastructure in place, can they cater effectively for the health and wellbeing of employees?

Statistics from the first lockdown highlighted an increase in aches and pains as a result of inappropriate home working conditions. That doesn’t factor in feelings of isolation and loneliness which affect the mental health of home workers.

Sofas, beds and seats of all different shapes and sizes have been adopted to temporarily cater for working from home. Those same workers are back to where they started in March and could be facing a long stretch working from home as lockdown begins.

But, as a company, you can help by utilising a remote workstation assessment. The benefits of this include:

– Boosting employee wellbeing and feelings of support from their employer

– Providing professional medical support from a range of HCPC registered physiotherapists

– Mitigating the potential for injury claims following a stint working from home

– Reducing lost work hours to injury caused by inappropriate home working conditions.


How does it work?

Each of your employees will receive an individual remote workstation assessment. This will consist of a video call where our HCPC registered professionals can assess the working environment and provide helpful advice on how to improve the set-up. Once complete, a report will be generated which will provide next steps on how to create a healthier, more appropriate remote workstation.

To find out more, contact deskcheck@on-health.co.uk, or give us a call on 0344 576 1679 for an initial discussion and to discuss how our team can help your employees adjust to the new normal and working from home once again.