Benefits of Stretching: Three Reasons to Keep Moving

Working from home can, unknowingly, shackle you to your desk for far longer than you’d like as a home-working employee; the benefits of stretching could break this cycle.

The thought of sitting in a chair and facing a computer screen for eight hours can make people wince just at the thought of it.

But by introducing regular moments of stretching you can improve that situation and avoid the aches and pains associated with working from home:


Regular stretching helps maintain mobility

By stretching your muscles, insists Insider, and changing your body shape regularly, you enhance your range of motion, which play a pivotal part in your day-to-day life.

From walking and bending to twisting, you would be surprised just how often you do these things on a daily basis. These movements will take less effort if you stretch regularly throughout the day and help prevent stiffness and pains which may arise from more static periods of home-working.

Stretching prevents injury

Athletes do it all the time, but stretching really does prevent injuries as the loosening of muscles helps to avoid pulls and strains. A review highlighted by Insider stated that stretching significantly reduced low back pain, a common issue for many working from home employees who may be struggling with an unorthodox workstation.

Stretching improves posture

A bad posture can show itself through slouched shoulders and a hunched appearance, with the head forward and stooped a little. This appearance is encouraged by the leaning over a laptop while working from home.

This can lead to aches and pains as muscles are tightened and there’s a reliance on certain muscles and joints. By stretching, you lessen these aches and pains, and improve posture as a result.


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