Effects on Wellbeing: The End Results of Dry January

Dry January delivers many boosts to physical health but few understand the effects on wellbeing which can have an even greater impact.

For all the tangible boosts, the change in mind-set can be equally effective and provide enough reason to carry on your dry spell beyond the initial January target.

How can Dry January help your wellbeing? Let’s find out:


Better sleep and a more productive you

By ditching alcohol, your sleep pattern, which may have previously been disrupted, will improve and this will lead to improved energy levels. As a result, you will be more productive during daily routines resulting in an increased sense of achievement as you tick things off your list; something you may never have dreamed of with a hangover holding you back.


Avoid immune suppression

Consuming alcohol excessively acts as a suppressant on the immune system, according to Women’s Health. This in turn leaves you more vulnerable to cold and flu which has a big impact on your wellbeing. By avoiding alcohol, you lessen your chances of picking up these illnesses as you allow your immune system to function fully.

Another positive result of avoiding alcohol is you avoid hangovers which can make you feel sluggish, lethargic and generally unwell.


Improving health linked to effects on wellbeing 

Dry January has been proven to deliver many benefits, and one of these is the belief it generates; you are doing something tangible to better your health. This can have a big impact on wellbeing, as it demonstrates resolve and an emotional investment that can provide rewards quickly.

The success of completing Dry January provides a significant stepping-stone to further improvements.