Weight Loss Journey: Sally and Lockdown

Sally had been flying along on her weight loss journey, with the help and support of the Onhealth team there to guide her.

Featured in one of our video testimonials, her lifestyle and outlook on life had changed significantly.

Then came Covid-19 and a pandemic that has drastically altered our lives. But just how much has it impacted Sally and her desire to maintain weight loss?

After finding out how she was progressing on the Onhealth 12-week programme, we caught up with her more recently to find out…


How has lockdown impacted your weight loss journey?

I have managed well over the past year. In the first lockdown I did a lot of the Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube and bought a bike. I really missed the Onhealth weekly sessions and support but kept in touch with a few of the clients.

Over the summer I was keeping up with healthy eating and regular exercise. Since Christmas, I have to say, my exercise and diet hasn’t been great. The weather has had an impact on my outdoor exercise and I’ve been prone to a bit of comfort eating. It has been harder latterly managing my weight and I have put on a few kilograms.


What have been the temptations, or distractions?

I wasn’t drinking alcohol at all when I was attending regular Onhealth classes. Over the winter I have had more units but have now limited intake to a couple of drinks one night per week; a treat night.

Latterly my portions have increased and I am wanting sweet treats such as chocolate and carbs etc.


What have you done to remain active?

I do two 30-minute YouTube classes five times a week. Weather depending, I’ll also do a quick dog walk daily and two seven-mile walks per week. Cycling has had to be shelved until the weather improves but I have a cycling holiday planned later in the year!


What are you looking forward to most when restrictions are ended?

The same as everyone else I’m sure; freedom to socialise with friends and family. I would love to be able to come back to Onhealth for a re-assessment to see how I have maintained my health overall over the past year! The weekly support of the group sessions has really helped me have a better attitude to my health, fitness and food habits. I do feel overall in better health and heading back on track. I want to lose the kilograms I’ve put on and maintain the new healthy lifestyle Onhealth has helped create.


What advice do you have for those who are trying to lose weight in lockdown?

I’d say if anyone is struggling with lockdown they need to seek advice and support. I was ready to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle but the key thing for my journey was the great support I got from the Onhealth team and fellow gym attendees.