Hybrid Home-Working: Sustainable Practices to be the Norm?

Some “sustainable” practices of working from home could become the norm, with Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, certain a hybrid home-working model is the future.

While talking about the subject on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Bailey said he would be “very surprised if we went back to exactly as we were before Covid.”

“I think we will see things change, because I think some habits and some practices will prove to be sustainable,” he said.

Human Resource departments across the UK are attempting to juggle a workforce unaccustomed to working from home.

The vast majority will soon celebrate a year under unique circumstances; the issue facing companies now is how to maintain productivity and ensure staff remain engaged and at optimum efficiency.

However, without the risk-assessed office setting, there are many obstacles which can get in the way of effectively working from home.

A story from the Financial Times quoted a study which found 72% of under-25s don’t have a dedicated room to work in.

Some of the key issues facing home working teams include:


How to avoid feelings of isolation among team members?

Being out of the office and apart from team members, and the collaboration that brings, can be harmful to the mental health of those involved.

The solution: With a vast array of video conferencing call options, and online chat functions, by encouraging staff to keep in touch, this helps to promote inclusivity; a positive ‘checking-in’ mentality can have tangible benefits to a person’s mood and outlook, and help keep staff engaged.


How to keep injury at bay?

Aches and pains from bad posture due to extended hours in front of a computer screen can build and cause much worse injuries, including back and neck problems that can lead to extended periods of being off sick.

The solution: By contacting Onhealth’s team of HCPC registered medical professionals, we can help to alleviate concerns around aches and pains by delivering a methodical and meticulous remote workstation assessment. This will provide tailored advice to employees on how to maximise and improve their workstations to minimise the risk of aches and pains due to workstation set-up.

A detailed report will then be produced and submitted to the HR department to allow for on-going improvement and constructive feedback in the effort to offer staff the best possible working from home environment.


What to do next?

If you want the professional expertise and support of HCPC registered physiotherapists to help boost employee health and wellbeing in your company, contact us today to find out about our service  by email or call our team on 0344 576 1679.