Over a Third Suffering Working from Home Pains

A recent survey has found over a third of participants have suffered from increased pain over the last six months after working from home.

The study, commissioned by Nurofen, found that 36% of those questioned had experienced pain which could be contributed to working in a home environment that wasn’t set-up correctly for a sustained period of working from home.

A total of 25% directly stated that a poor remote workstation set-up was the cause for their increased pain. Back ache was the most common problem, followed by headaches, joint pains, neck ache and muscle pain.

It highlights the importance companies should place on effectively transitioning their staff from office to home-working practices.

By implementing methodical, medically-driven risk assessments of the home office, companies can ensure their staff are catered for, supported and allowed to work from home in the best environment possible which in turn promotes a more effective worker.

Onhealth is offering companies a remote workstation assessment scheme, which involves HCPC registered medical professionals remotely assessing an employee’s home workstation, before providing advice on the initial call and a detailed report on ways to improve the set-up.

This has many benefits for a company, including:

– Improving staff health and wellbeing
– Promoting a caring approach to employees during a time of uncertainty
– Mitigating potential working hours lost through injury sustained while working in an unsuitable home-working environment.

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