Weight loss: Getting back on track

In the third instalment of a series of discussions with dietitian Dawn Shotton, the main weight loss topic focuses on recovering from a lapse in your diet. After 20 years as a dietitian, Dawn is hugely knowledgeable on the subject of weight loss and provides her insight below:


“Having a dietary lapse is a natural part of changing eating habits and you should start by not beating yourself up for slip ups and set-backs,” she said.

“The important thing is not the size of the lapse, but how quickly you get back on track, so the good progress you have made is not lost. Some people find it helpful to write down what it is that motivates them to want to lose weight in the first place (for example health, an important event, fitness or grandchildren).

“Try to think of why it is really important to you and keep this in mind for when your resolve is tested and you need to remind yourself of what is really important to you.  Understanding what your high-risk situations are and planning for these in future before they happen is also a very helpful strategy!”


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