Music Can Power Your Workout

Music can power your workout.

Millions have made music part of their essential items when exercising, whether it be cycling, running or circuit training. Music can power your workout and play a big role in getting the most out of your session, with its benefits including a more determined participant who exercises for longer.

The Huffington Post points to seven reasons why music is good for a workout. Below are just a few examples:

It’s a useful distraction – when working out, listening to tunes, particularly towards the end of a session, can act as a distraction in terms of the pain and effort going into the workout. Focusing on your favourite song can see you through to the finish, with the duration of a song acting as encouragement to keep going until the end.

Up the tempo! – Listening to music with a faster tempo while exercising has been proven to improve performance, with a study of cyclists finding they worked harder when listening to faster tempo music. Have you found that an upbeat tempo makes you go that little bit further, that little bit faster or that little bit longer? Make sure some of your playlist has these sorts of songs in so music can power your workout.

Keep the pace – Certain songs have a rhythm that promotes a good pace within your session. Particularly when running, getting into a good rhythm can promote a longer time spent exercising or going that extra mile.

Music gets you in the mood – Happy, upbeat music can keep you energised and motivated throughout your session. If you’re feeling positive, then you’ll be more determined to achieve.

Physio Choices

To help you stay motivated and determined during your sessions, we asked some of our physio team to pick their ideal workout songs. Get these in your playlist!


The Greatest – Sia

Time to Burn – Storm

Good as Hell – Lizzo

Right Here Right Now – Fatboy Slim

Blinding Lights – The Weekend

Sound of the Underground – Girls Aloud