Fitness Wear: Choosing a Style to Suit You


With so much fitness wear to choose from, sometimes it can be a difficult choice.

According to Anabel Maldonado, a fashion psychologist; “Our personality traits correlate a lot with our lifestyle choices – what type of person we’re likely to marry, our political affiliation, our favourite kind of music and what we choose to work out in is no different.”

With so much choice on the market, what type of gym personality do you have? Are you…


The Practical One

You are hands-on, applied and pragmatic. A pragmatist has a straight-forward, matter-of-fact approach to reaching their goals and doesn’t let emotion distract them. You want your fitness wear to be the same, offering functionality and comfort. As a practical exerciser, some of your options include:

Nike One Leggings (£39.95)

The colour-block design, comfy mid-rise waist and plenty of large pockets for phone and keys etc. showcases straight-forward functionality. The Nike Dri-fit technology ensures you keep cool and they come in plus sizes.

Icebreaker Women’s Cool-Lite Motion Seamless Tank £70

This tank top is comfortable, high performing and made from marina wool, nylon and polyester (this makes for durability). The dropped arm holes mean there is plenty of room to move around when exercising and the flatlock seams stop stray threads from creating chafing.

The Eco-Conscious One

You find importance in minimizing environmental harm. Being eco-friendly on a personal level can mean changing your cleaners, eating habits, but it can also mean you are supporting businesses that make strides to help the environment.

Your gym gear choices are no different as you seek companies who use sustainable materials and methods. These clothes tick that box:

Bamboo Clothing Enduro Bamboo Deep Waist-Band Leggings (£49.00)

Bamboo Clothing is a viable and environmentally sustainable business. Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees, uses half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre and doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides. The ‘Enduro’ fabric is heat regulating, protective against UV, stretchy, supportive and non-see through.

Sundried Grivola 2.0 Women’s Loose Top (£30.00)

This company believes in providing quality, eco-friendly and affordable sports apparel. This top is part of the pioneering eco-charge range and is made from recycled coffee grounds. It has sweat-wicking qualities and claims to dry 200 times faster than cotton.

The Budget-Conscious One

You are choosing whether to invest in secure, durable and protective fitness wear that will last but you don’t want to break the bank, leaving you agonising over price points and brands you can trust. However, it is possible to have the best of both worlds; low-cost activewear that doesn’t lack support and comfort:

My Protein Women’s Training Bundle (£34.00)

You can save 37% on this outfit compared with purchasing the products separately. The Curve leggings are tailored for a body-sculpting fit with a flattering high-waistband and sweat-wicking finish. The Control sports bra is made with a multi-strap design and built-in cups for extra coverage and security.

H&M Sports Shaping Waist Leggings (£17.99)

Eco-friendly activewear can often come with a high price tag, however these purse-friendly, full-length tights are partially made from recycled materials and have quick-drying technology. The waistband is designed to give support and shape.

The One Who Likes Marginal Gains

You are always striving for improvement, for those 1% gains, in absolutely everything you do. This does not exclude your fitness wear, you want small benefits to come from the workout gear you wear. If so, look at these:

Russel Athletic Cotton Performance Tank Top (£7)

Russel Athletic are known for being affordable and durable. These leggings include moisture-wicking technology, odour protection and helps to protect your skin from the sun (UPT30+ rating).

Under Armour Women’s Rush Leggings (£65.00)

These leggings are made from a mineral-infused fabric that absorbs the energy your body emits and reflects it back into your tissues and muscles, improving your endurance and strength. As well as this, the leggings have a shaped, high waist fit for optimal coverage and support.

The Stylish One

Just because you’re in the gym, doesn’t mean a stylish look should be sacrificed. On the lookout for a stylish gym outfit, we’ve found a few styles which may suit you:

Tikiboo Exotic Snake Print Leggings (£37.99) was created out of the owner’s frustration of never being able to find fun and exciting gym wear. The designs are based on bright clothing from Brazil and Australia. Tikiboo provides colourful activewear products which are bright, loud and fun. These leggings are breathable and quick drying, and the soft lycra fabric keeps you comfy throughout sweat or rain showers. They also include a rear zipped pocket for your essentials.

Pins To Kill Cheetah Print Leggings (£56.00)

Pins To Kill offer comfortable leggings in stylish prints and also offer the option for customers to personalise a pair of leggings by uploading their own designs.  Made from a matte lycra, these full-length leggings are printed using dye sublimation for longevity.