Weight loss story: Reversing the Impact of Diabetes

Peter’s incredible weight loss story started with his desire to confront a medical condition.

On two sets of medication for Type 2 Diabetes, Peter began his journey with Onhealth and made stunning progress as a result. With the help of physiotherapists, a dietitian and a psychologist, Peter took to the task armed with desire and determination to drop the weight and improve his health.

By the time he was interviewed, midway through his programme with us, his doctor had already recommended dropping one of those medications. If he continues his amazing progress, he may reverse his diabetes altogether.

Here is what he had to say about the effect of the Onhealth programme on his life, and his health.

“I’ve been Type 2 diabetic for about five years and in that time, it has been a case of ‘if I can get the weight off then I can drop the medications’, so that was the encouragement,” said Peter when discussing his weight loss story.

“It is not something I had done before, these organised classes, but I absolutely love it.

“I was on two different tablets for diabetes; they’ve stopped one of those as a result of coming here and losing the weight.”

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