Weight loss journey: Victoria’s story

After a difficult year, Victoria wanted to improve her health and fitness. This is where her weight loss case study begins.

Discussion and scientific testing allowed our team to better understand Victoria’s unique situation. They could then provide the structure, support and facilities to help her progress towards her achievable weight loss goals. With physiotherapists, a dietitian and a psychologist on hand, our clients get the help they need to create a healthier lifestyle.

She has seen the difference and feels much happier with herself.

“I had a difficult year and it made me not care about my health anymore, or at least that wasn’t a priority for me,” said Victoria.

“As soon as I stopped caring about it, everything got out of control. Onhealth was different because it made me realise the damage that I was doing to myself by not living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s the best weight loss programme, or health programme, I’ve done having tried probably 10 in the past five years.”

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