Wellbeing: Maintain Yours While Working From Home


In these uncertain times, many have noticed a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing, including those forced to work from home.

A change from the usual office routine, the long-term stint at home – which looks set to continue for many through until the Spring at least – has had a troubling effect on their wellbeing, with feelings of isolation becoming more common.

But how can you battle against this and improve your daily outlook? This article provides three effective ways to boost mental health and wellbeing while working from home.


Connect with friends and family

The NHS website suggests making and maintaining connections with family, friends and work colleagues to avoid a feeling of isolation that can inevitably come with the need to stay at home where possible.

Being forced to withdraw from social situations like this must act as a galvanising force to maintain your social relationships. With Covid guidelines, you can still meet outdoors with people outside your bubble as long as social distancing is employed and the rule of six is applied.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then pick up the phone, or make a video call, and keep sharing and being part of a group of people who can provide crucial support at a time when you need it most.


Keep active

Studies have found exercise can have a positive impact on a person’s mood. There are many ways to stay active; go out for a run, visit the gym or utilise any of the huge volume of home exercise videos available online.

Onhealth has a growing variety of exercise videos that you can follow along with at home, ranging from pilates and yoga, through to higher intensity workouts led by experienced physiotherapists. Click here to visit our YouTube page.


Cultivate a consistent sleep pattern

Sleep is an important part of our health and wellbeing, and can play an instrumental role in what kind of mood we’re in. By creating a consistent sleep pattern – generating a bedtime routine and avoiding screen time just before bed are two helpful tips – this will enable you to get a solid block of sleep which should set you up for the following day.


If you’re a business owner or a member of an HR team looking to help working from home employees adjust to their circumstances, a remote workstation assessment is a must. Onhealth deliver these through HCPC registered physiotherapists, who will help each member of the team to maximise their home-working environment.

Benefits of this approach include:

– Mitigating potential future injuries sustained due to inappropriate home-working conditions

– Boosting employee-business relations with a caring approach to home-working

– Providing a documented reporting process for HR departments when considering the effectiveness of a home-working programme

– Offering employees access to HCPC registered physiotherapists who can help implement an effective approach to working from home.


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