Onhealth Launches Remote Workstation Assessment Scheme

Onhealth is delighted to announce the launch of their remote workstation assessment scheme, as part of its commitment to the health and wellbeing of the North East.

Working from home has risen seven-fold from January to June this year, when the Covid-19 global pandemic forced us into a nationwide lockdown.

Studies during this time found 57% of those questioned had experienced more pains in their neck, 56% in their shoulders and 55% in their back.

That is down to inappropriate working conditions as employees were forced to adapt to home working, with little in the way of appropriate display screen equipment.

Over four million working days have been lost annually due to musculoskeletal injuries in the neck and upper limbs.

With 94% of organisations now offering a form of flexible home working, it is essential to have the measures in place to support employees both in and out of the office.

Ian Scanlan, Director – Head of Onhealth said; “We’ve created this service to offer companies the support and professional guidance they need to ensure employee health and wellbeing is being looked after.

“Working from home has been thrust upon many this year and often the set-up required for the long term just isn’t available.

“We’ve seen people working on beds and floors, using a variety of objects as seating. Continued use of these will only lead to musculoskeletal injuries which can result in prolonged time off work, and long-term injuries.

“Companies, to save themselves lost working hours and to mitigate any potential future claims from employees, should seek professional assessment of remote workstations to drastically reduce the potential impact.”

How does it work?

Companies who take up the Onhealth remote workstation assessment scheme, delivered by Onhealth’s HCPC registered medical professionals, will get a virtual appointment with each home-working employee, with advice and guidance provided on the call prior to the production of a written report. More detail can be found here.


By taking up this service, a company will:

– Improve the health and wellbeing of employees

– Help staff feel supported

– Mitigate potential for compensation claims from staff who suffer injury as a result of working from home in unsuitable conditions

– Provide access to medical experts who can support staff in their transition from office to home working.


Also available is the psychological assessment of employees to ensure mental wellbeing, which is becoming an increasing issue as the months of Covid-19-concern continue.

For more information on the service, please contact deskcheck@on-health.co.uk or 0344 576 1679 to get a tailored quote for your company’s requirements.