Working From Home Fatigue: How to Counter the Effects

Working from home fatigue has become a regular discussion point among those employees forced to relocate, as we get closer to an unwanted anniversary.

It is nearly a year since the UK’s workers migrated from the office to home for work purposes, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson enforcing a work from home order.

For many, the novelty was quirky and a bit of fun with the large perk of no commute. However, according to Howard Dawber, when speaking on BBC’s Today Programme, that initial enthusiasm is now turning to weariness.

“We’ve got to the point where there is a lot of fatigue out there,” he said.

“Working from home for the first couple of months of last year when the sun was shining and people were enjoying perhaps a more flexible environment, there was a sense that this was going to be a short-term process.

“I think now people are really missing that opportunity to collaborate with and just see their friends in the office.”

The discussion for many HR professionals focuses on how to maintain morale and keep that connection between company and remote worker.

Whereas virtual benefits have been introduced – with Netflix subscriptions and E-gift cards offered instead, for example, of the Christmas party – a more effective approach to getting the best out of your workforce is by providing them with a remote workstation assessment.

How does it work?

Here at Onhealth, we have a team of dedicated medical professionals who will conduct the remote assessment. No in-person face to face discussions, particularly useful during Covid restrictions. Instead a video call will be set-up and an assessment of the employee’s working environment carried out, with helpful advice to improve their conditions.

It’s imperative that companies avoid unnecessary sick days due to home-working injuries (aches and pains due to poor set-ups can lead to longer-term issues); a remote workstation assessment can address this effectively.

Our team provide a report which can be held on file by HR departments and provide the basis for on-going improvement and assistance to help employees.

The best part of this offering is the individuality of it; each employee nominated for a remote workstation assessment gets one-to-one time with a medical professional, leading to quality, and informative, input.

If you want the professional expertise and support of HCPC registered physiotherapists to help boost employee health and wellbeing in your company, contact us today to find out about our remote workstation assessments by email or call our team on 0344 576 1679.