Lockdown Happiness: Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy

With the nation’s workers nearly three weeks into a second national lockdown, the UK is full of workers making do and compromising; it’s imperative employees maintain lockdown happiness while at work.

The obvious requirements, essential to the happiness of remote workers, include suitable remote workstation equipment. Does your workforce have this in place to be effective and content while working from home?

By undertaking a remote workstation assessment, you can achieve an audit of working environments, as well as boosting employee morale and that sense of being looked after by their company.

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However, there are other ways to boost morale while working in different circumstances which see workers away from the office and isolated from colleagues:

Don’t hoard and clutter!

For your mental wellbeing, it is important to keep on top of what you have in your home and what you need in your home. By decluttering, it avoids increased levels of cortisol, according to the BBC, which is a stress hormone. A cleansing of the home also helps to avoid feelings of claustrophobia and frustration at a lack of space.

Social contact is important – and still possible outside your household

Government rules on social distancing – at the time of writing this during the second lockdown – allow people to meet with one other person from a different household to exercise, providing it is outside and social distancing rules are maintained. Going for a walk, jog or bike ride can provide that opportunity to meet a friend and connect.

There are many ways to compliment this – virtual calls allowing us to see the faces of our friends and family – but there’s no substitute for meeting up in person, something which is permissible if done correctly.

Keep it light

Light and airy workspaces improve mood, especially during a time of year when you will wake up when it is dark and the evenings draw in. A workspace with windows that allow sunlight into the room, and even light-coloured walls, will help improve mood and wellbeing, and maintain that lockdown happiness.