Home Working: Survey Shows Most Common Naughty Habits

Working in pyjamas, fibbing about a faulty internet connection or even falling asleep during work hours are just some of the confessions of working from home employees in a recent survey.

The poll, commissioned by Tesco, found that each home worker, on average, committed seven misdemeanours of this sort.

Nearly one in five (19%) admitted to sleeping when they should have been working, while more than a fifth admitted to staying in their PJ’s all day.

It is these signs that may shed light on a slight, natural, disconnect with work as the office environment is taken away from those who are used to it.

By providing your staff with a remote workstation assessment, you can show employees that you care about them just as much at home as you do when they’re in the office.

Onhealth’s expert medical team – made up of HCPC registered physiotherapists – are on hand to deliver the service, promoting excellent relationships between staff and companies, as well as mitigating the potential for time off due to injuries sustained while working from home.


How does it work?

Once your company has instructed Onhealth to conduct the remote workstation assessments, we will contact each individual to assess their work environment over a video call.

Providing advice on the call, we will then compile a detailed report which will be submitted to your company’s HR department so a physical record can be maintained and action points put in place to improve the workplace environment of everyone working from home.


What are the benefits?

When taking part in a remote workstation assessment scheme with Onhealth, there are many benefits:

  • A boost in employee-company relations as it displays a caring approach during a difficult time when forced to work from home
  • It ensures your staff have the best possible remote set-up so they can do their job as effectively as possible under the current circumstances
  • Helps to mitigate the potential for long-term injury and resulting time off
  • Reports provide a tangible process for your HR department to ensure proper checks and assessments have taken place and action points implemented.


Contact us

If you want the professional expertise and support of HCPC registered physiotherapists to help boost employee health and wellbeing in your company during lockdown, contact us today to find out about our remote workstation assessments by email or call our team on 0344 576 1679.