Weight loss case study: ‘I’ve gained a healthy lifestyle’

When Sally received the results of her heart-rate test, she realised it was time for action. This is the start of her weight loss case study.

One of our Onhealth clients, she has been fantastic on the programme, putting all of her efforts into achieving realistic weight loss goals with the help of our experienced and dedicated team. Starting with scientific testing, Sally moved on to gym-based workouts with physiotherapists leading those sessions. Our dietitian, Dawn, was also on hand to offer dietary advice and guidance as we view weight loss as a holistic journey, and not simply the physical exertion.

Watch her weight loss case study below.

“They did a graph of your heart-rate and my heart-rate was slightly elderly, shall we say,” said Sally.

“So that was the kick-start to begin with. The physios will adapt it and say ‘if you can’t do it then we’ll do something else’. They don’t say ‘just go for it’, they say ‘do it a different way’ which has been brilliant.

“I’ve lost weight, but I’ve gained a healthy lifestyle.”

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