Weight loss case study: Simone’s journey

Simone’s weight loss case study journey started with an unhappy time in her life.

Struggling with a negative perception of her own health, she decided to take action and contact Onhealth’s team of experts. Following scientific testing to better understand Simone’s weight gain, she started the weight loss programme designed by physios, with input from a dietitian and with a clinical psychologist available should they be required, Simone set about losing weight in a sustainable fashion which is more likely to lead to longer-term success.

The results left her delighted.

“Before working with Onhealth, I was fairly sedentary and really quite unhappy with the way I felt about myself and my own health,” said Simone when discussing her weight loss case study.

“Since working with Onhealth, I feel a lot happier about myself; it’s a really supportive environment. There’s never a case of you can’t do this activity because of your level of fitness; there is always something that can be done.”

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