Employee Productivity: What’s Hampering Home Workers?

There’s a long list of things hampering employee productivity as the working from home movement looks set to stay.

With the Government encouraging those who can to continue remote working until April 2021, a recent survey by 8×8 uncovered some of the causes of disruption to a home-working day.

The most popular answers, in terms of what employees struggled with most, included distractions (30%), juggling professional and personal life (29%) and getting into the working frame of mind (27%).

These issues transcend job role and organisation type, with most people trying to settle into a new normal where work and home life clash.


How can you help yourself?

To avoid these issues impacting productivity, set defined physical barriers between your work and home life. Have a designated space for work – an effective remote workstation is crucial – and use one room for your work as opposed to setting up camp in a number of different places throughout the day.

If possible, avoid mixing personal and work days as it can often lead to numerous interruptions and a disruption in focus.

Along with these physical reminders of the work day, implement a work routine to ensure motivation and focus remains consistent. Having a set start and end time can improve a person’s mind-set, as can a clear break at lunchtime. Go out for a walk or totally detach from work for an hour. This avoids the temptation to work through lunch and simply snack in front of a screen.

Finally, make sure your remote workstation is suitable for your needs. That’s where the team at Onhealth can help. to boost employee productivity.


How can we help you?

Our HCPC registered physiotherapists will initiate a video assessment of each employee’s workstation and offer advice how to improve the comfort and efficiency of the set-up.

This will be followed by a detailed written report which can be used by the organisation’s HR department to create a written record of assessment and provide a platform for further action points.


What are the benefits?

As a company, it is important to track the suitability of your employees’ remote workstations. This will:

  • Mitigate injuries, and the resulting time off to recover, as a consequence of working from home
  • Provide the chance to show the same levels of care and consideration for employees as you would in the office environment
  • Allow HCPC registered medical professionals to provide expert advice on remote workstation set-ups.


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